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Dak Lak is known as one of the leading regions for cocoa cultivation in our country, where the suitable climate has brought about extremely high-quality cocoa beans that meet premium standards for export to European countries.

By carefully selecting high-quality cocoa beans from plantations in the Central Highlands region, the product of Đắk Lắk Organic Cacao Powder preserves the natural aroma and distinctive flavor of cocoa. With meticulous processing, Đắk Lắk cocoa powder has a rich color and pleasant aroma.

Product type: Nut & Seeds
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Place of production: Vietnam



Sweet chimes echo from the land of Dak Lak – a prosperous region of cacao. On cool days, under the sparkling sunlight that filters through the lush green forest, the Trinitario cacao beans bloom, showcasing their vibrant colors and inviting us into a wondrous tale of unique flavors and exceptional quality.

Dak Lak Organic Cacao Powder, crafted from Trinitario cacao beans, is an exquisite blend of the Criollo and Forastero varieties. These cacao beans are carefully selected from plantations in the Central Highlands, renowned for their fertile soil and mild climate. The distinct processing method, from harvesting to fermentation, drying, roasting, husking, and grinding, ensures the preservation of the remarkable qualities of the cacao beans.

Dak Lak Organic Cacao Powder not only delivers a rich, robust flavor but also carries numerous nutritional benefits. With its high content of cacao butter, it serves as a potent source of antioxidants, protecting the body from the effects of aging. Furthermore, cacao powder is packed with essential minerals such as magnesium, iron, and calcium, enriching the body with vital nutrients.

Moreover, Dak Lak Organic Cacao Powder is not just a miraculous ingredient for chocolate-making but also a versatile ally in various culinary creations and desserts. With its distinctive flavor, cacao powder is an indispensable element in crafting irresistible and intensely chocolaty delicacies.

Furthermore, Dak Lak Organic Cacao Powder has been awarded the 4-star Ocop certification, ensuring the product’s credibility and high quality. This attests to Dak Lak’s commitment to providing you with a reliable, premium product produced through sustainable practices.

Explore the delightful flavors and incredible benefits of Dak Lak Organic Cacao Powder, and immerse yourself in a world of exquisite chocolate, where each Trinitario cacao bean has been meticulously nurtured to offer you the most extraordinary gustatory experiences!

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