I’m having trouble paying for my application – what should I do?

To be able to pay and send your application, every section must be ticked as complete. If you’re applying independently, that includes your referee submitting their reference online.

If the payment isn’t going through, please double check all details have been entered correctly, you have funds available, and the card has been registered for online payments.

If you’re outside of the UK, you may need to let your bank know you’re trying to make the payment as well.

Please avoid clicking multiple times as this can also cause problems. If it locks your payment attempts, this will reset automatically after two minutes.

  • Please complete our update my details form and we’ll do this for you.
  • For name and date of birth changes, you need you to attach a clear photo or scanned copy of an official document showing these – such as a birth certificate, marriage certificate, driving licence or passport.
  • As long as we’ve got everything we need, we’ll update your details and the changes will display in your application.
  • It’s important you also let your your universities and colleges know.

You can select a ‘deferred’ start date for your chosen course when you apply, but it’s important to contact the uni or college before submitting your application to make sure they are happy to accept a deferred application.

When can I start my application to go to university in 2024?

2024 entry applications opened on 16 May 2023, and applicants can submit them to UCAS from 5 September 2023.

If you’ve lost or forgotten you password, reset your UCAS Undergraduate or UCAS Conservatoires password here.

The UCAS Tariff is a way of allocating points to qualifications. Not all qualifications attract UCAS Tariff points for various reasons. The university or college you’re interested in may accept your qualifications as an appropriate entry route, even if they don’t attract UCAS Tariff points.