“Safe production or VietGAP and organic farming are two different farming practices, but both aim to minimize negative impacts from external inputs, reduce pollution during the farming process, and contribute to ensuring food safety. With the demands of consumers and modern production trends, Thach Ha Agricultural Cooperative, specializing in the production of fruits and vegetables and integrated services, has identified and focused its resources on building a safe production area that meets VietGAP standards in an organic direction.

For us, environmentally friendly production processes include:
– Prioritizing the use of organic fertilizers such as compost and green manure.
– Practicing crop rotation and intercropping.
– Avoiding the use of chemical herbicides and pesticides. Prioritizing natural pest control methods.
– Selecting suitable seed sources, avoiding genetically modified products.

The cooperative was established in collaboration with farmers, aiming to engage in high-quality agricultural production, processing, and marketing of products, creating employment opportunities and increasing incomes for many farming households through continuous efforts.

The production of clean fruits and vegetables is a responsibility that producers have towards consumers. Therefore, each of our products delivered to customers represents a commitment to “Cool as jelly – Pure from the heart,” contributing to the protection of community health.”

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