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Dak Lak is one of the famous regions for growing durian in Vietnam, and the Vacuum Freeze Dried from Dak Lak is a product worth exploring and savoring. With high quality and excellent taste, Freeze-Dried Durian from Dak Lak is an ideal snack and a great choice for gifting to loved ones and friends.

Product type: Dried fruits
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Place of production: Vietnam



Welcome to the world of Dak Lak durian – where delicious and aromatic fresh durians are transformed into a magical gift: Vacuum Freeze Dried.

Processed with advanced technology, this product offers you an excellent tasting experience, as the flavor and quality of durian are perfectly preserved through the freeze-drying process.

Meeting the OCOP standards for region-specific products, Dak Lak durian has been recognized and highly regarded for its quality and value, thanks to the exceptional fertility of the Central Highlands region, where it is carefully selected.

After harvesting, the durians are peeled, sanitized, and sliced into mouth-watering thin pieces. This process ensures that the durian retains its natural flavor and high quality. Next, the fresh and juicy durian slices are placed in a freeze-drying chamber, where the moisture evaporation takes place. With a stable temperature ranging from 0 to 10 degrees Celsius, the moisture is removed from the durian while maintaining its soft and chewy texture. This process helps preserve the natural flavor and color of durian while retaining important nutritional value.

Dak Lak’s Vacuum Freeze Dried brings numerous valuable benefits. Firstly, this product is a perfect combination of delightful taste, exquisite flavor, and high quality. With the use of modern technology and strict quality control procedures, Vacuum Freeze Dried does not contain harmful chemicals or preservatives, ensuring safety for your health.

Not only is it a delicious food, but it is also a significant source of nutrition. Durian is rich in fiber and protein, providing energy for the body and supporting digestive functions. Additionally, durian contains essential nutrients such as vitamins and minerals, supplying vital nutrients to the body and serving as an excellent choice for those concerned about cardiovascular health. Although it has higher calorie and fat content compared to many other fruits, durian does not cause a significant increase in blood sugar levels like naturally sweet fruits. This helps improve cardiovascular health and reduce the risk of related issues.

Furthermore, Vacuum Freeze Dried offers convenience and flexibility in its usage. With its lightweight and compact size, you can easily carry Vacuum Freeze Dried on trips, camping adventures, or use it as a food reserve. You can enjoy this product whenever you feel hungry or want to add an interesting snack to your daily diet.

Experience a journey with the unique flavor of Dak Lak’s Vacuum Freeze Dried. With its perfect combination of quality, excellent taste, and nutritional benefits, this product will provide you with truly memorable moments, alongside friends and loved ones!

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To purchase the delicious Vacuum Freeze Dried, you can follow these steps:

1, Access the website or online shopping app of DTCH Da Nang.

2, Search for “Vacuum Freeze Dried” using the search tool or product categories.

3, Select the product that suits your needs and view detailed information such as price, weight, packaging specifications, ingredients, and usage instructions.

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After completing the ordering process, you will receive information about your order and the estimated delivery time. DTCH Da Nang will ensure fast delivery and product quality.

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