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The people of Quang province have a folk verse: “Whoever goes back, tell the source/ Young jackfruit sends down, fish sends up.” It can be seen that jackfruit has long been a specialty in Binh Thuan. Here, people use jackfruit in various dishes with unique and unfamiliar flavors.

Soft Dried Jackfruit of Binh Thuan is directly processed from 100% selected jackfruit, which is soft and chewy with a naturally sweet and refreshing taste that is unique to Binh Thuan.

Product type: Dried fruits
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Place of production: Vietnam



Soft Dried Jackfruit – The Natural Flavor of Binh Thuan Land

Have you ever dreamed of enjoying the amazing taste of fresh jackfruit all year round? Let the Soft Dried Jackfruit from Binh Thuan province be the perfect choice for you. With its unique processing techniques and advanced drying technology, this product not only retains the natural flavor and soft, chewy texture but also preserves the important nutrients of jackfruit.

Binh Thuan’s Soft Dried Jackfruit stands out with its distinctive color and flavor, resembling that of fresh jackfruit. Its attractive golden-yellow hue, delicate aroma, and natural sweetness are truly delightful. What’s special about Soft Dried Jackfruit is that it allows you to experience the taste of jackfruit throughout the year, without being limited by seasons or locations.

The process of making Soft Dried Jackfruit is carried out with great dedication and passion. Before drying, the jackfruit undergoes careful handling to ensure food safety and hygiene. Only the finest fresh jackfruits are selected and processed right at the production facility. The harvesting and processing procedures are done by hand to ensure quality and uniform ripeness. The fruits are peeled and the seeds are removed, then dehydrated in a controlled environment to preserve their aroma and nutritional value.

It’s worth noting that Binh Thuan’s Soft Dried Jackfruit contains no preservatives or artificial colors. This guarantees that you’re enjoying a natural, healthy product that is safe for consumption.

Binh Thuan’s Soft Dried Jackfruit not only preserves the natural flavor of fresh jackfruit but also offers several health benefits. It provides essential vitamins and minerals that contribute to a strong immune system and overall well-being. Jackfruit is also a good source of dietary fiber, aiding in weight loss and promoting skin health. Additionally, it supports antibacterial and antioxidant effects due to its content of vitamin C and anthocyanins. These compounds enhance immune function, help prevent infections, and slow down the aging process.

You can enjoy Soft Dried Jackfruit directly as a snack, replacing sweet pastries while supplementing your nutrient intake and maintaining beautiful skin. To ensure its wonderful flavor, once opened, store the jackfruit in a sealed bag or container to preserve its soft and sweet texture. Avoid storing the product in high-temperature environments, direct sunlight, or humid conditions to maintain its quality without being affected.

With Binh Thuan’s Soft Dried Jackfruit, you can experience the natural flavor of fresh jackfruit all year round. Treat yourself to the pieces of dried jackfruit and savor the sweet and aromatic sensation that only fresh jackfruit can provide. Experience the difference and uniqueness of Binh Thuan’s Soft Dried Jackfruit today!

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