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Binh Dinh is the coconut capital of the Central region of our country, thanks to the specialty of Tam Quan coconut in Hoai Nhon district. Many local residents have prospered in business thanks to coconuts and coconut by-products such as coconut fiber, coconut charcoal, organic fertilizer, pure coconut oil, handmade coconut oil, coconut fiber carpets, coconut candies, coconut brooms, and coconut fiber nets.

Coconut Cracker is directly processed from fresh coconuts from the martial land of Binh Dinh. It carries a unique flavor, crispy and fragrant, unlike anywhere else.

Product type: Fruit cake & Cracker
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Place of production: Vietnam


Discover the unique flavor of Binh Dinh province with Coconut Cracker – a traditional, fragrant, crispy, and meaningful delicacy.

Made from fresh coconut and pure sugar, Binh Dinh’s Coconut Cracker offers an irresistible, rich, and delightful taste. Through delicate processing, it perfectly combines the sweet, creamy essence of coconut with the crispy texture of the cake.

Binh Dinh’s Coconut Cracker brings an authentic culinary experience from Central Vietnam. With each bite, you’ll savor the deliciousness, chewiness, and natural coconut aroma. Not only is it a meaningful gift for your loved ones and friends, but it’s also an excellent choice for indulging in serene afternoon tea parties.

This product not only provides a unique flavor but also carries health values. Coconut Cracker contains no preservatives or additives. It is meticulously processed and packaged, ensuring the best quality for consumers.

Proudly certified as an OCOP (One Commune One Product), Coconut Cracker represents Binh Dinh province’s commitment to preserving and developing its unique local specialties. It not only represents traditional flavors but also serves as a cultural and tourism symbol of this region.

When enjoying Coconut Cracker, you’ll appreciate the meticulous production process and the love that Binh Dinh’s people put into baking. Carefully selected fresh coconuts combined with pure sugar create a sweet and fragrant masterpiece. Moreover, this product originates from Binh Dinh province, renowned for its sweet coconuts and high quality.

Binh Dinh’s Coconut Cracker is not just a delicious treat; it embodies cultural values and emotions. It blends modern processing techniques with profound traditions. Each piece of Coconut Cracker is a special spiritual gift, reflecting gratitude and care for your loved ones.

Open the door to traditional flavors and explore Binh Dinh’s Coconut Cracker – a unique and captivating product. Immerse yourself in its delicious aroma, experience the essence of the Central region, and share these rich flavors of joy and love with everyone around you.

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